Ninth Season: 2006-07

To All Men Named Jackson by Karla Reck

December 1 – 17, 2006
Loading Dock Theater

To All Men Named Jackson is the story of two women who were changed forever by the love of one man. Through their journey they learn that it takes each other to help them face themselves. Maureen and Leona seem to have the perfect mother/daughter relationship. They laugh, joke, and can read each other like a book. But beneath the façade lies a rift they have never been able to cross. Maureen is consumed by a haunted past she cannot face, and has unintentionally trapped her daughter in her own pain. Leona desperately longs to escape her mother’s fate, and in a frantic attempt to flee, she agrees to make the biggest mistake of her life.

Lisa Bol as Leona
Karen Weber as Maureen

Karen Wiese-Thompson
Alan Sorenson
Dustin Gingerich
Nathan Surprenant
Seth Patterson
Jerome Yorke
Corissa White
Matt Erkel

Director: Karla Reck
Technical Director: Carl Schoenborn
Producer: Peter Christian Hansen
Costume Design: A. Emily Heaney

Bach at Leipzig by Itamar Moses


February 2007
Loading Dock Theatre

John Middleton
Peter Christian Hansen
Bob Malos
David Coral
Seth Patterson
Joseph Botten
Adam King

Director: Rob Goudy
Technical Director: Carl Schoenborn
Producer: Peter Christian Hansen
Stage Manager: Sarah Bauer
Set Design: Tamatha Miller
Sound Design: Katharine Horowitz